Blah Wars: A Star Wars Podcast

Blah Wars #40: Into The Void: Visiting Secrets Of The Empire

April 23, 2018

Back in Blah Wars #28, we offered our UK listeners the chance to win a visit to The Void's Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire Hyper-Reality experience in London's Westfield Shopping Center, now the compeition winner, Graham and his mate Matt join us as we step inside the Star Wars universe. Hear what all of us thought a little later on in the show. Before all that however, we officially welcome Bradie as our permenant co-host, then briefly discuss the two Solo TV spots (Crew and Risk) released last week. Also on the show this week, expect Episode 9 news, astonishing Brian Blessed stories, visiting Harvester resturants and how Mark Hamill really feels about The Last Jedi.