Blah Wars: A Star Wars Podcast

Blah Wars #68: The Sleeping Giant

December 16, 2018

John sits down with Greyson Marcotte, aka of The Sleeping Giant Podcast and known to many of our listeners as @sgcardsandtoys The two discuss the nature of their love for Star Wars, how to discriminate when it comes to collecting, action figures, trading cards, Greyson's wife Maggie who is a sketch card artist for Topps (Check her out @maggie_ransom) and much more besides. This episode contains some discussion about the most recent season of The Walking Dead. Massive thanks to Greyson for sitting in for Jude this week. You can listen to his show here: and here

On Friday night we recorded our Christmas special, which is out on Sunday 23rd December for the general public. Patreon subscribers will be able to listen and even watch the Christmas episode from Monday 17th December. Our third episode of Blah Wars: Monthly Payload will be released on 23rd December for Patreon VIP subscribers too!